Premium Facial Cleanser with Hyaluronic Acid, Essential Oils & Breakthrough Anti Aging Complex – Face Wash Skin Care for Acne Breakouts, Blemishes, Wrinkle Reduction for Men & Women, All Skin Types

DEEPLY NOURISHING – This gentle face wash provides nutrients to the skin while thoroughly cleansing pores without stripping skin of vital moisture or healthy bacteria to maintain a natural skin care balance.* Carefully formulated with beneficial essential oils and botanical extracts.

REJUVINATE & REVIVE – Fision WrinkleFix has clinically proven to fill deep wrinkles and remove age spots, promote remarkable surges in cellular vitality and hyaluronic acid while tightening and firming skin around your eyes, face and neck.*

BOOST COLLAGEN – Proline improves skin elasticity, increases collagen production, skin repair and regeneration.* It also helps create healthy cells and connective tissues, promoting firmer, glowing skin and reducing sagging, wrinkles and aging of skin due to sun exposure.*

ANTIOXIDANT BLEND – Loaded with essential oils to reduce inflammation and offer a rich source of antioxidants for your overall skin health.* Combined with Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate, penetrates deep to intensely moisturize, protect from free radical UV rays and repair damaged irritated skin.*

ALL SKIN TYPES – This exfoliating face wash for women and men is great for all skin types including acne-prone, oily and dry, to gently cleanse, hydrate and restore.* Non-GMO, paraben & cruelty free. Made in the USA.

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