BRTC Pore Removal Magic Heating Gel, Deep Pore Exfoliating and Tightening System With Fresh Volcanic Cluster Blemish and Blackhead Cleanser (35 g / 1.23 Oz)

Exfoliate your pores with a gel made with fresh Jeju volcanic clusters.

Eight kinds of tannin ingredients help to revitalize sagging pores.

Open your pores with an instant warmth and completely removes impurities in pores with a silicon brush.

Clinical Tests Completed: 1. Pore Area Testing 2. Sebum Improvement 3. Blackheads Removal 4. Impurities on Pores Removal 5. Dead Skin Callous Improvement 6. Skin Irritation Test Completed.

BRTC’s proprietary ingredient that vitalizes and comforts stressed, tired skin while adding a dewy glow for a healthy look.

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