Korean 60 psc Black Gold Pearl Collagen Eye Patch | Anti Wrinkle Eye Mask Gel Sleep Mask Dark Circles Under Eye Bags Treatment | All-Natural Eye Care Gel for Women and Men eye-pad

Main Effect: Relieve under-eye bags, diminish the dull skin around eyes, improve the dry and delicate wrinkles, hydrate and brighten the skin around eyes. Brighten skin around eyes,hydrate skin around eyes and keep elastic and smooth.

Contains Natural Extracts: collagen hydrogel and Tahiti black pearl essence,contains rich vitamins, mineral substance, Added plant extract can deeply go into the skin, so as to discharge dirt, whiten and brighten the skin

Recommendation:Contain 60 Sheet, can be used for 30 times. 2-3 times a week, both morning and evening can be used.

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