Derma Roller Microneedles for face, 540 Titanium Seamless Micro Needle Roller 0.25mm Cosmetic Needle Skin Care Tool

[PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE] Idea to stimulate collagen production and to increase the absorption of skin-care products. It can reduce your deep wrinkles, fine lines, stretchmarks, acne scars and aging. It will help improve skin texture, achieving a brighter,firmer skin.

[SAFE TO USE] Featuring 0.25mm Titanium Seamless Microneedles, FDA-approved. Seamless roller can be thoroughly disinfected without the remained bacterium. 0.25mm needles are not supposed to hurt.

[Easy to Use] Made of high quality titanium alloy, well-made handle, ergonomic design, easy to use.

[REDUCE HAIR LOSS] Belifu microneedling can also help induce stem cells Trusted Source in the scalp that lead to hair growth.

[At HOME TREATMENT] Saving money and time.You may take your weekend time and cost over $100 per treatment in a derma tologist’s office. However, Belifu micro needle just cost under $30, and you can treat your skin yourself anytime at your personal convenience.

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