ARNALIA 100% Natural & Organic Wild Herbs, Eye&Face Cosmetic Skin Care Cream, Emollient, Anti Wrinkle, Anti Aging, Age Spot, Firming, Hydrating Balm, Collagen, Vitamin A,C,E,F Moisturizer, SPF 1.1oz

HANDPICKED and WILD-GROWN INGREDIENTS – All ingredients are 100% wild-grown and sustainably hand-picked in the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada. Arnalia puts the environment first. For example, we pick the cottonwood buds from branches that have fallen during storms and nuts and cones are picked only once they have naturally fallen from the trees. All Arnalia products are eco-friendly, and we use recyclable packaging.

FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL CHEMICALS – Our ALL in one BIO Cosmetic balm is free from fragrances, gluten, paraben, GMOs, perfumes, colorants, dyes, fluoride, petroleum, and preservatives. Rosehip and Sea buckthorn oils rich in vitamin A provide the same skin-smoothing effects as retinol, but don’t cause the drying, irritation, and sun sensitivity that can come with synthetic forms. It’s so pure, you won’t find any fillers – NOT even water to dilute its concentrated goodness.

ANCESTRAL RECIPE using VITAMIN PRESERVING PROCESS – This old family natural face moisturizer recipe was passed down with love from my Grandmother, a natural healer. Part of the success of this rejuvenating balm recipe is the process that is used to preserve the nutritional content. Wildly grown herbs have a tremendous amount of vitamins and minerals. The production line consists of only glass and wood instruments. Unlike metal, these ecologically friendly materials save all vitamins.

MAKE EVERYBODY WONDER – ARNALIA Extra Emollient cream will offer your Eyes and Face such a rejuvenating boost that you will make people wonder about your stunningly fresh appearance. This hydrating cream detoxifies and moisturizes the under eye area, smoothes wrinkles and fine lines. Its regular use helps prevent new wrinkle formation.

EASY TO USE and NATURAL SUNBLOCK – We recommend spreading a thin layer on your clean face in the morning and before bedtime. It is easy to absorb and will leave your skin feeling smooth and silky. The organic ingredients also have a natural protection from UV-rays at SPF30. By using Arnalia skin care balm you can avoid all of the chemicals contained in regular sunblock.

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